Edition Leben


After the death of Maggie's father, she and her broken family move across the country to start a new life. Guarded and protected, Maggie has to learn how to let the walls down around her heart in order to find happiness.


"The beach was deserted, it wasn't a day for swimming. A storm was coming in and the waves slapped the beach harshly.

It was my father’s favorite time to walk along the shore, amazed with it's power. From the beach house my mother, brother and I would watch him, suit pants rolled up and his shirt untucked, letting the waves whip around his ankles. He always lost himself in the moment, in the rain, on the people-less beach. My mother would roll her eyes and mutter something like "I hope the waves don't snatch you up by your legs and drag you away."

Now, my mother just sobs quietly, as we all stand along the shore. A seven year old quietly wrapped in my arms. He hasn't spoken since he whispered his goodbyes. My mother holds a beautiful clay vessel. The contents of the container contained the remains of my father.

Slowly she undoes the lid and lets the ashes be carried away by the air and into the sea. My father would stay here forever, dragged into the sea at last.

From that moment on, I had to be the rock of my family. I had to be the glue that held us all together. There was no time for emotions when you had to be the strong one. However how long can I remain strong until I need a rock myself?



 Fantastic feelings by Mara Lovers

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