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The Starchild and the Raven

A star falls from the sky on a beautiful night. A little girl emerges from it, a star child. Confused and curious, she wanders around. Soon the delicate creature from the stars meets Albrecht the raven, who gives her the name Sara, but otherwise he only knows one thing about two-leggers: They are searching for love. However, what that is the raven cannot say. Since the star child Sara has also never heard of love, they decide to search for it together, to find out what it is.

The Starchild and the Raven

  • Andreas Herteux
  • ISBN-Paperback: 978-3981838886    
  • ASIN: B01M6C9AK6 
  • 66 Seiten
  • Euro 8,95 (Paperback)
  • Euro 7,99 (Ebook) 

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